APLO 2022 Invitation Letter

With the aim of escalating attention to language and linguistics in the Asia Pacific region, the Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad (APLO) has been held every year since 2019. Last year, a total of 182 contestants participated in 15 testing sites simultaneously, representing 6 countries/regions. Additionally, 6 guest countries outside the Asia-Pacific region were invited and participated in the contest.

We, the Board of APLO, are eager to keep pushing this initiative forward and are hereby inviting you to join this international collaboration of educating young and brilliant minds around the Asia-Pacific region by participating in our third Olympiad, to be held on April 10th, 2022.

APLO is not a contest where students from different countries physically meet in one place to participate in the competition. Instead, problem sets will be distributed to the local organizing committees of the participating countries or regions beforehand, and all contestants will compete in their home countries on the same day. Detailed plans have been drawn up as below.

Timeline of APLO 2022

March 13Finalization of the accreditation process (by International Board)
Finalization of the problem set (by International Jury)
March 27APLO problem package distribution
April 10APLO 2022
April 10 – 24APLO 2022 (guest delegations)
Within 14 days from contestFinalization and publication of the results
During IOL 2022Grand annual meeting of APLO (All delegations, including guests, are invited)

Rules and Regulations

Please refer to the Rules and Guidelines of APLO page for the rules and guidelines of APLO.

The International Board of APLO