Asia Pacific
Linguistics Olympiad

Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad (APLO) is a regional linguistics olympiad with the aim of escalating attention to language and linguistics in the Asia Pacific region. It is similar to the International Linguistics Olympiad in spirit, and the nature and style of the problems. The APLO began in 2019 and is held in March every year.

The Second APLO was held on September 27, 2020, simultaneously in 6 official countries/regions, and between September 27 and October 26, 2020, in 5 guest countries. You can find the results here and the problems here.

The upcoming APLO will be held in March 28, 2021.

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APLO is not a contest where students from different countries physically meet in one place to participate in the competitions. Instead, all contestants will compete in their home country on the same day.

Upcoming Contest


October 2020

Application for accreditation

January 31, 2021

Deadline for accreditation

March 28, 2021

Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad 2021 (contest day)

How To Participate


You must find the local organizer that represent the country or region you are in. You cannot participate in the APLO as an individual.

Local Organizer

Invitation letter has been sent out to the countries and regions from Asia Pacific region that have participated in the past IOL. Any country or region from the Asia Pacific region that has no experience of participating in the IOL will also be welcomed to take part in APLO

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