In pursuit of enhancing focus on language and linguistics across the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia Pacific Linguistics Olympiad (APLO) has been annually conducted since 2019. Last year, we witnessed the participation of 222 contestants from 9 countries/regions at 16 official testing sites, alongside 166 students from 9 guest countries outside the Asia-Pacific region.

As the Board of APLO, we are committed to furthering this initiative and are pleased to extend an invitation for your participation in our sixth Olympiad, scheduled for 7 April 2024. APLO is a unique contest where students from various countries do not gather physically in one location. Instead, problem sets are provided in advance to local organising committees in each participating country or region, with contestants competing synchronously in their respective countries.

For comprehensive information regarding the purposes, format, accreditation criteria, and awarding scheme of APLO, please refer to the APLO constitution and the Frequently Asked Questions provided below.

Regional Delegations

We invite countries or regions in the Asia-Pacific region, especially those who have previously participated or expressed interest in the APLO or IOL, to join us in APLO 2024. Check this page to see which countries participated in APLO last year.

Guest Participation

Countries or regions outside the Asia-Pacific are also welcome to join APLO 2024 as guest countries.

Local Organisers of guest countries should meet the same criteria for accreditation and apply before the same deadline. The differences between fully participating countries and guest countries are as follows:

  • contestants are given certificates of participation but not awards;
  • contests must start during or after the official starting time slot of APLO.

Timeline of APLO 2024

  • By 31 January [Registration]
    • Each delegation should apply for accreditation and claims their working language.
    • The International Board accredits the delegations and finalises the list of participating delegations in the APLO for that year.
  • 1 April [Preparation]
    • The International Jury distributes the multilingual versions of the problem set.
    • The Local Organisers print the problem sets and prepare for the contest.
  • 7 April [APLO in official delegations]
    • The APLO is held at each official testing site.
  • 7–14 April [Grading]
    • The International Jury distributes the solutions and the grading scheme as soon as the APLO is concluded in all official testing sites.
    • The Local Jury should begin grading the submissions as soon as they receive the grading scheme and send the results to the International Jury within 7 days of the contest’s conclusion.
    • The International Jury reviews and validates the results from each delegation.
    • If necessary, the International Jury communicates any changes or corrections back to the Local Jury.
    • The Local Jury must wait to publish their results; they can only do so after the results are officially available on the APLO website.
    • Based on the validated results, the International Jury awards medals to the top eight candidates in each delegation, following the awarding scheme outlined in the constitution.
  • 7–21 April [APLO in guest delegations]
    • The APLO takes place for guest delegations.
    • The same grading process as outlined above is followed for the guest delegations.
  • 21 April [Publication of Results]
    • All results for official delegations will be posted on the website, along with the problem sets and the solutions.
  • 5 May [Distribution of Awards]
    • All results for guest delegations will be posted on the website.
    • The International Jury sends out the digital certificates to the Local Organisers.
  • July [APLO Joint Training]
    • The APLO Joint Training is held.
    • The Annual General Meeting of the APLO is held during the APLO Joint Training.

International Board of the APLO 2024

  • Minkyu Kim, General Chair
  • Suhaimi Ramly, APLO Board member
  • Shu-Kai Hsieh, APLO Board member
  • Simona Klemenčič, Public Relations Chair
  • Vlad A. Neacșu, APLO Board member
  • Hoju Cha, International Jury Chair